These are weapons that Pearce can buy and use in order to better effectively combat enemies. There are currently types: Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Sub-machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Pistols, and Shotguns.

Sniper Rifles Edit

These are treasured weapons, for their steady aim, power, and penetrating skills. They can easily break through armor or barriers, however they are loud, allowing enemies farther from you hear the fire and investigate. They also have low ammo cartridges, with the highest being only a mere 10 rounds.

Assault Rifles Edit

Decently powerful weapons with decent aim, and partial penetrating skills, they also have round cartridges of up to 45 rounds, and are decently loud, but sniper rifles are louder than them, however they do not have the range to match them.

Sub-Machine Guns Edit

Inaccurate, however their rate of fire makes up for it, along with the ability to kill up close with ease, they allow Pearce quick movements. However their range is extremely pathetic, and are very loud. They should only be used in close combat.

Shotguns Edit

Medium ranged weapons, with powerful pellet attacks that spread, these are rather loud weapons, but more than make up for their flaws. They can dispose of an Enforcer rather quickly, but to take down a Brutalizer would take up a whole shotgun's ammunition, as well still not killing them.

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