"My name? Pearce Dolan. Why would you bother? I don't know. But I know this. I'm done. They hit my family. They've gone over the waves. It's high time I fight back." - Pearce Dolan, on his introduction.

This is the first mission that introduces the player to the concept of movement, fighting, activating the "Wheel of Weapons", and of course, hacking.

Overview Edit

Introducing Pearce Dolan, the protagonist.

Objectives Edit

-Walk to the bridge.

-Pull out SmartBurner.

-Investigate the area.

-Watch for criminal activity nearby.


-Take down criminal. (Only if not caught)

-Stay out of sight from police.

-Walk to your hideout.

Rewards Edit

After completing the mission, the player receives:

-2144 Pistol


-1000 Experience

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